From his youth , MOCHIZUKI Minoru Sensei studied the foundations of an ancient jujutsu school named Gyokushin Ryu. Following the death of Master MOCHIZUKI and in honor of his teacher, WASHIZU Terumi Sensei named his art in the name of this former school.

The essence of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido is a direct result of teachings developed by Master MOCHIZUKI, based on a synthesis of many Japanese Budo (Nihon Sogo Budo) such as AIKIDO, JUDO, KARATE and KENJUTSU.

WASHIZU Sensei, like his predecessors, bases his teaching on the principles of mutual aid and prosperity, as well as the best use of energy.

Australian Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Federation - Aikido


Founded by UESHIBA Morihei, Aikido as a martial art is a highly refined self defence system that stipulates that the aggressor is kept under control without physical or mental injury. Aikido is appropriate for those who are concerned with the legal and ethical implications of self defence.

The principles, philosophies and techniques of aikido represent the core of Gyokushin Ryu.


Founded by KANO Jigoro, Judo is a modern form of Jujutsu, founded in 1882, whose dangerous techniques were eliminated or modified. Judo is a safe and enjoyable art that uses standing projections techniques as well as chokes, arm locks and ground controls.

Judo suits the needs of children as it is a great form of physical activity. It involves the integration of ethical guidelines with the practice of sporting techniques.

Australian Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Federation - Judo
Australian Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Federation - Karate


Karate, the “way of the empty hand”, involves striking points of the human anatomy.

Due to the inherent implications of teaching these techniques, karate is taught as a complimentary art to students who show maturity and have reached the intermediate level.


The art of manipulating the katana (japanese sword), has its origins with samurai warriors of the Japanese feudal era.

While putting emphasis on precision, timing and footwork, Kenjutsu provides advanced students a technical and historical perspective on the origin and logic of many fundamental aikido techniques.

Australian Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Federation - Kenjutsu
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